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how do I set the curls for each frames sets using parallax? what is the setting for it?

Look at Appearance -> Layout Builder -> you can found parallax enabling/disabling and path to background image in “Container (open)” section. For example, if you uploaded our demo content, settings for parallax for block “Our Team” is in “Container (open)” just before it.

How people gonna register to website and write recipes ?

First of all Delice Dishes Light was build for owners, authors who love cooking themselves. Also, as a registration is a standard part of WordPress engine – ANYONE can register and to share a recipes. There is 2 opportunities for header’s menu in the theme – so you can enable the “Under Logo Menu” and put there the “Authorization” item with link to Login / Registration page of WP.

“Video” and other menu are available only in home page?

No, you can switch “Left-Logo-Right” (OnePage navigation menu) to “Under Logo Menu” and you will get something like here: – and this menu support three levels and any links will work as regular website.

And also you can use video on the posts: